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Other Types of Travelersí Philanthropy

The Center for Responsible Travel’s Travelers’ Philanthropy program makes it easy for travelers to support and empower local and indigenous communities. With just a few clicks, you can make a donation that will help generate jobs, improve health care, educate children, or protect the environment in the travel destinations you care about most. The tourism companies that Travelers’ Philanthropy has brought together are dedicated to the people and environment where they operate, and we encourage you to learn about the community efforts that they support. You can even make a donation today!

A number of other organizations and companies provide responsible tourists and travel companies with the opportunity to “give back” to the communities they visit. Many of these groups also give their own financial resources, time, and talent to improve the wellbeing of local communities. Below are just a few examples of frontrunners in the movement for worldwide philanthropic giving:

VolunTourism provides travelers and travel operators with a variety of voluntary service experiences that include travel to destinations around the globe. By combining volunteer work with more traditional elements of travel and tourism – arts, culture, history, and recreation – travelers are able to connect to their destination on an entirely new level. VolunTourism helps travelers select an appropriate service program and then guides them through their trip preparation. Following their three-pronged mission – “To Educate, To Empower, and To Engage” – VolunTourism also provides visitors with access to a variety of sustainable tourism resources.

Stay Another Daywww.stayanotherday.org
Stay Another Day is designed to help travelers learn more about the countries they visit. Their goal is to promote “destination friendly tourism” by connecting travelers with organizations working to conserve local cultures and reduce the environmental impacts of the tourism industry. Travelers can select from a variety of travel opportunities that give back to the communities they wish to visit. With a current focus in Southeast Asia, Stay Another Day encourages travelers to “stay a bit longer and experience more…”

Sustainable Travel Internationalwww.sustainabletravelinternational.org
Sustainable Travel International (STI) is a Boulder, Colorado-based non-profit dedicated to “promoting responsible travel and ecotourism, supporting sustainable development, and helping travelers and travel providers protect the cultures and environments they visit.” Through their Travelers Giving Back program, they generate financial support for sustainable projects in communities around the globe. STI connects travelers and tourism operators to over 500 grassroots charity projects around the world. By allocating 90 percent of each contribution to these projects, STI helps protect the environment and encourage community self-reliance.

The Responsible Tourism Partnershipwww.responsibletourismpartnership.org
The Responsible Tourism Partnership “works in conjunction with other organizations to improve destinations for local people and their visitors.” While not a philanthropic organization itself, RTP works to help tourism operators engage in more responsible business practices. The Partnership also serves as a gateway to responsible tourism destination in countries around the world.

International Galapagos Tour Operators Association - http://www.igtoa.org/
IGTOA is a 501.c.6 nonprofit association of travel companies, conservation organizations, and other groups that are dedicated to the complete and lasting protection of the Galapagos. Their mission is to preserve the Galapagos Islands as a unique and priceless world heritage that will provide enjoyment, education, adventure and inspiration to present and future generations of travelers. Click here to see their press release "Galapagos - Making Tourism Part of the Solution", which outlines their newest educational and financial programs for Galapagos Conservation.


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