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All over the world, travelers and travel companies are giving financial resources, time, and talent to further the wellbeing of local communities. This emerging movement is helping to support and empower local and indigenous communities by providing jobs, skills, and lasting improvements in health care, education, and environmental stewardship. To provide a portal for travelers to make a difference at their destinations, we created Travelers’ Philanthropy, a quick and easy place to learn about and donate to development projects at home and abroad.

We have brought together a group of superb tourism companies dedicated to local communities and the environment. On our Community Projects page, you can see the community efforts they support, and make secure donations with a single click. There, you can also learn about pioneering companies who have long been frontrunners in the movement for worldwide philanthropic giving.

Travelers' Philanthropy is a project of the Center for Responsible Travel.

Photos are courtesy of William Durham, Country Walkers, and Generosity in Action.

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Click here to read about sponsored development projects and donation options.

Visit our FAQ to learn more about the donation process.

Learn more about CREST, the non-profit organization behind Travelers' Philanthropy.


Travelers' Philanthropy is a program
of the Center for Responsible Travel.
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