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Click to view an excerpt from the recent documentary, "Travelers' Philanthropy: Giving Time, Talent and Treasure" (2008), produced and directed by Charlene Music and Peter Jordan. For inquiries regarding the full-length film, please contact Samantha Hogenson at

Photo archives from participating companies and projects can be viewed on our Photos & Videos page. Higher resolution images and additional photo resources are available on request.

Program Information

What is Travelers’ Philanthropy, and how does it work?

Travelers’ Philanthropy is a growing movement in which travelers and travel companies are giving back to communities at tourism destinations. To help this movement have greater impact, our web portal connects prospective donors with community development projects abroad. Travelers' Philanthropy is a program of the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST), a registered U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit. Donations to Travelers’ Philanthropy or CREST are secure and tax-deductible, and go toward supporting community development initiatives, education, conservation, and health programs, all of which further CREST's goals of promoting responsible tourism and sustainable development.

Why should donors choose Travelers’ Philanthropy?

Travelers' Philanthropy vets projects carefully so that donors know their donations will be handled properly according to US and international law. In addition, all projects on our site are all backed by a local tourism operator, allowing for added security. Most importantly, Travelers’ Philanthropy uses the secure financial website to processes donations while preserving the privacy of donors' sensitive financial information.

How are companies chosen to be part of the website?

Membership on the site is granted to travel providers (lodges, airlines, outbound and ibound tour operators) in partnership with locally identified development projects. Each company must demonstrate a commitment to benefiting local communities and the environment, and each project must demonstrate that it addresses a local need in a sustainable way. For a detailed list of membership criteria, please make inquiries to Samantha Hogenson, at Only companies with a proven track record of philanthropic work and environmental stewardship have been or will be included. We are currently working to grow our impact by incorporating more responsible tourism enterprises and local community projects, while still representing top-notch results and quality service.

How can visitors make a donation?

Donations can be made securely online through the listing on our Community Projects page. Donations can also be made by check, following the instructions on our Frequently Asked Questions.

Does Travelers' Philanthropy provide documentation for claiming tax deductions?

Yes. Donors automatically receive tax information via email from, along with a confirmation and thank you note from CREST. Donations made by check will be followed with a receipt from CREST, thanking you for your donation to community development worldwide.

Can donors specify how their donations should be used?

We invite donors to tell us where they prefer that the donation be used, or to donate in the name of a specific community project. However, in all cases it must be noted that IRS guidelines for charitable donations prohibit us from guaranteeing that funds will be used in accordance with a donor’s instructions. This is because all donations must pass through an internal process of review before being granted to recipients and must be used in a manner that furthers the charitable purposes outlined in our filings with the IRS (and that are described throughout this website). Thus, although funds cannot be formally designated, we do everything possible to follow the wishes of donors. In the event that we cannot use the funds as the donor asks, CREST contacts the donor with a suggestion for an alternate use.

Can donors contribute to any project?

You may make a donation to any project on our website, whether or not you have ever visited their sponsoring tour operator. Anyone can donate, at any time, to any of our listed projects.

Does Travelers’ Philanthropy/CREST take a percentage of donations?

Operating Travelers’ Philanthropy takes considerable time and effort in order to be done right. To cover the costs of maintaining the website, consulting with legal counsel, contacting, verifying and maintaining close relationships with tour operators and community projects, and following up with donors, Travelers’ Philanthropy keeps 10% of donated funds. Funds donated online incur an additional 3% charge from, which JustGive uses to offset the credit card use fee. No additional charges apply to donations made by personal check.

Does membership on the Travelers' Philanthropy site cost money?

No. Companies and the projects they support are given free listing on the site, as part of copromotion agreements to ensure that our online donation options are made widely available to the travel community.

For further information about the Travelers' Philanthropy program, or to set up an interview with any of the staff or directors of CREST, please contact Samantha Hogenson:


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