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Yachana Technical High School

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Yachana testimonialYachana Foundation is an integrated development organization working to improve the lives of local Ecuadorian people and protect the environment. Over the last 16 years, the foundation (formally FUNEDESIN in Ecuador) has generated and invested 5.2 million dollars in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The non-profit Foundation owns two for-profit companies, Yachana Lodge and Yachana Gourmet, whose proceeds fund philanthropic ventures in the local community.

Yachana Technical High School

The Yachana High School is a non-traditional, regional boarding school with 80% indigenous students from five Amazonian provinces within Ecuador, representing four ethnic groups. The program promotes biodiversity conservation through sustainable use of natural resources, while providing professional skills and mentoring student-run ecological enterprises.

sustainable community agricultureStudents study for 28 days, go home for 28 days then return, all year long. This gives them time to help out on family farms in their home communities, and allows them to help raise their families’ standard of living with new agricultural techniques, seeds, water filters, etc. from their work in sustianable agriculture.  The result is strong community support for the school.

Yachana school computers

Yachana Foundation is also bringing the digital world to rural Amazonian students, through the high school's new internet center. Equipped with a 2,000 watt solar array, an innovative hydroelectric system, and high speed satellite communication technology, the internet center is providing new opportunities in access to information. The Foundation also developed the Yachana E2 solid state computer in response to the challenges of working in the rainforest environment: The CPU uses only 8 watts of power and has no moving parts. It is made up of separate components such that if any part fails, it can be replaced without impacting the entire computer. 20 of these computers are already in operation for the students. Read more here.

While the Yachana High School is designed to be as close to self-sustaining as possible, initially, large sums are still needed for salaries, operations and construction. The students pay a $40 registration fee per year for their education, which is all they can afford. The school provides professors, housing, and food, at $1,200 per student per year.  Please consider supporting a student for one year.  Your donations will enable the Yachana Foundation to continue its work providing an innovative and valuable education to Amazon youth. You may also visit Yachana Foundation's website to learn about more ways to get involved!

Gift Packages - Perfect for celebrating a special occasion!

Currently there are 98 students enrolled and 16 staff.  The students produce part of their own food on the school's organic farm, but additional food and supplies have to be brought in.  

Donate    Provide Food For a Day
    at Yachana Technical High School

    Donation amount: $90
    Donation implementation time: 1 day

If you would like to make a recurring donation, simply check the box on the donation form for "Make this a recurring donation", and in your account settings specify how often the gift will occur.

At 1.2% annually, Ecuador’s deforestation rate is three times higher than any other country in South America and six times higher than the global average.  The combined effect of unmanaged logging, widespread oil exploitation, unsustainable agriculture and a burgeoning population is destroying 342,500 acres of Ecuador’s rainforest and extinguishing hundreds of species every year.  The Yachana Foundation has 4,300 acres of rainforest, declared as a protected forest by the Ministry of the Environment.  Even though it is owned by the foundation, protection and maintenance are required on a continued bases and taxes have to be paid annually.  Donations to Adopt an Acre will produce funds to allow us to continue these operations.Donate

    Adopt an Acre of Rainforest
    Donation amount: $180
    Donation implementation time: 1 year


    Adopt 1/2 an Acre of Rainforest
    Donation amount: $90
    Donation implementation time: 1 year

International Recognition

Yachana has recently been named one of the winners of the National Geographic and Ashoka Changemakers Competition, an international prize in the World of Geotourism, Conservation, Education and Sustainable Development. Out of 323 participants, Yachana was chosen as one of 3 winners.

To make a donation to the Yachana Technical High School, click here:





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