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Community Projects
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Titi Conservation Alliance

Mission: Conservation of the Central Pacific area of Costa Rica through habitat restoration, environmental education and sustainable development.

Sponsored by: Local business members, funds and donation campaigns.

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The Titi Conservation Alliance’s Activities Include:

Environmental Education
•   800 kids per year receive the program
•  The program includes 3-month courses, field trips, reforestation day and nurseries.
•  Organic Nurseries with indigenous tree species and Reforestation Outings
•  Ocean Awareness
•  Support to Bandera Azul Ecológica Program
•  Full-time environmental educator.

Reforestation Efforts
Philanthropic reforestation education •   55,000 trees planted, 54 different native species within the Naranjo River Biological Corridor, created since 2001. Official corridor that belongs to the National Corridor Network.  
•  Focus: Titi Monkey food and habitat, Scarlett Macaw food and habitat, shoring up river corridors to prevent erosion and covering main forest patches.
•  Ultimate goal: To join biological corridors from the east and south, expanding habitat and to finish creating basic connectivity north-south by 2015, according to the biological corridor´s strategic plan  
Sustainable Development

• True alliances with the public and private sectors, and the local communities under a philosophy of "We are all part of the solution"
• Provide guidance and seminars to hotels and tours for CST and/or Conservation. Certification allowing more participants in the process at reduced costs to the business
Certification allowing more participants in the process at reduced costs to the business
• Continue building alliances and supporting local entrepreneurs and artisans that work locally.
• Continue the "Sponsors for a Better Future", which enables companies to sponsor local public schools and help them obtain school materials and equipment, office furniture, technology equipment and school remodeling.

Carbon Neutral Initiative

• The Alliance is now developing a Local Initiative: Reducing Local Carbon Footprint. During 2013, the first phase is taking place, helping local businesses to calculate their carbon footprint. The following phases include reducing emissions and best practices, to end with local compensation within the biological corridor.
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