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Simanjiro Water Bore Hole Project

Sponsored by: Safari Ventures -


Safari ventures Safari Ventures supports local sustainable development through the Africa Nature Conservancy Trust. Currently, Safari Ventures is seeking donations to contribute to the following project:

Water Bore Hole Project (on-going)

Total Project Value: $200,000

Because of the nomadic nature of the Masai culture, the need for water is critical to their survival. With unreliable rainfall and increasing demand for water, the Masai often forced to negotiate over water rights with their neighboring communities making it a contentious undertaking. The main reason for the friction is the lack of a reliable water source- forcing them to wander beyond their designated territory and therefore often encroaching on private farms or entering into the national park boundaries endangering themselves as well as their cattle to wild animals resulting in protected wildlife being killed or chased from their habitat.

ANCT has over the last few years has assisted Masai villages in drilling bore holes and installing water pumps. However this has been in a limited capacity due to a lack of equipment. They are in the process of purchasing a rig and associated drilling and pump equipment to cater to many more villages. The initial sunk cost of $200,000 includes approximately 75% of equipment cost while the rest is fuel, maintenance, professional engineering costs and labor costs.

This will be an ongoing project as the hope is that strategic water management techniques will result in a community able to sustain itself.

Phase 1: $150,000- Cost of rig, freight, technical expertise, fuel, training & maintenance
Phase 2: $50,000- maintenance, fuel and expertise for approximate 3 years to ensure staff is fully trained. We hope that the rig will be rented out for other villages to recover much of the initial investment and put back into its operations to minimize need for donor investment.

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