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Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center

Sponsored by: Holbrook Travel & Selva Verde Lodge


School Kids at Sarapiquí Conservation CenterHoolbrook TravelNear their Selva Verde ecolodge in Costa Rica, Holbrook Travel helped found the Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center in 1993. The SCLC serves the local community with programs such as English classes, computer literacy seminars, environmental education of all sorts and after-school activities. The SCLC is currently involved in a number of projects to improve education, environmental stewardship and quality of life in the local community.

The rainforests are the lungs of the Earth and benefit the entire planet.Yet rainforest conservation projects often bring relatively few benefits to local communities. Local community members are key to tropical rainforest conservation, and we help rural communities of Sarapiquí to protect and sustainably use their natural resources.

Safety Sidewalk projectWe focus our efforts in three ways: forming future environmental leaders through our educational programs, planning for local sustainable development and conservation, and connecting ecotourists to the local community. Your contribution will support our programming involving local communities.

Community work includes:

To learn more about the Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center, view the organization website.



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