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Infierno Community Health Fund

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Lemon Tree Tours connects health and wellness professionals with Peruvian communities in need. The Native Community of Infierno in the Peruvian rainforest is one of those communities.

Most Common DiagnosesLemon Tree aims to establish long lasting relationships with communities, developing sustainable projects with the guidance of each community and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs). By harnessing the power of many volunteers, each contributing a few days of their time and/or money, Lemon Tree believes it is possible to contribute to lasting improvements.

Infierno Community Health Fund

Infierno community health postA portion of the fee for each Lemon Tree Tour in the Amazon Basin, includes a tax-deductible donation to the Infierno Community Health Fund. Together with the community Lemon Tree developed the fund to support local health needs. The Infierno Community Health Fund established in the community of Infierno, Peru, is intended to help equip the health post and establish a health library. At the moment the health post has identified the following needs:


•Construction of a bathroom
•Installation of electricity and lighting
•A battery for a generator
•A radio for Communications
•Expansion of the clinic
•Maintainance of health infrastructure

The current total fundraising target to meet these needs is $5,000. If you cannot afford to take a trip to Peru, you can still contribute to the project now, by donating here to the Infierno Community Health Fund. Then later, if you can afford to take a trip, come down and see the difference your donation has made! Can you chip in $100 today, to help reach this goal? Donations of any amount are much appreciated by the Community of Infierno, and the hard-working community health volunteers of Lemon Tree Tours.

To learn about volunteering with Lemon Tree Tours, click here.

Click the "Donate Now"uot; button above to make a donation to the Infierno Community Health Fund:

If you would like to make a recurring donation, simply check the box on the donation form for "Make this a recurring donation", and in your account settings specify how often the gift will occur.



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