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Jungle Bay Community Fund
Jungle Bay

Operated by: Jungle Bay Resort & Spa

Jungle Bay Resort & Spa is the brainchild of Dominican bornproperty developer and sustainable development activist Samuel “Sam” Raphael. Jungle Bay’s mission is to enhance the naturalenvironment and improve the livelihood of surrounding communities so that the region is improved in a sustainable way, while providing quality, comfortable nature-based experiences for guests.

The architectural design, planning, construction techniques and operating philosophy are based on principles of fostering social and rural economic development while preserving the culture and natural environment. Jungle Bay is the fulfillment of Sam Raphael’s life long dream to demonstrate the financial viability of a tourism investment that provides jobs and economic advancement opportunities for residents of Dominica while preserving the heritage and quality of life of the host community. Sam’s wife Glenda, also Dominican born, is a social worker turned wedding planner & Yoga teacher. Together this innovative couple has been leading the way in the emerging Caribbean Community Tourism Movement. Jungle Bay’s 55-acre site consists of 35 cottages perched in the rainforest canopy on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean. The award winning project has been endorsed as a sustainable tourism innovation and leader in poverty alleviation by numerous international publications.

Jungle Bay Community Fund

The Jungle Bay Community Fund was founded by Jungle Bay’s Developer and visionary Samuel ‘Sam’ Raphael. As the resort was built on the core philosophy of preserving the environmental and improving the local economy in the southeast of Dominica where the residents have faced challenges since the demise of the banana industry. Jungle Bay has created jobs, supported with infrastructure for the nearby villages and provided loans to start up small businesses such as organic farming and crafts. Donations from guests, staff and owners of the resort have gone directly to important community initiatives.

Some of Jungle Bay Community Fund’s past and current projects:Jungle Bay Community Fund

• The “House of Hope” – THANK YOU we’ve raised our goal and completed construction of this facility for disabled children. Read more here:
• Annual beach-clean up and education program for local school children, teaching them about sea turtle conservation.
• Providing a water system for elderly residents in an under-serviced area of a village near Jungle Bay.
• Providing school fees for approximately 250 Carib students since 2005.
• Providing medical supplies and other items to the rural health clinics in the southeast of Dominica.
• WEL, Waitukubuli Entrepreneur Leve, a program begun in 2010 for aspiring entrepreneurs that includes a week long retreat for business and personal development and mentorship.

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Jungle Bay has been commended for its social programs and environmental conservation efforts in numerous international awards and accolades:
• Conde Nast Travelers World Savers Award for Poverty Reduction (2007)
• Travel + Leisure Global Visions Awards (2007)
• Travel & Leisure 20 Favorite Green Hotels (2007)
• Dominica Hotel & Tourism Association Award for Contribution to Dominica's Ecotourism Product & Community Development (2007)
• Virgin Holidays Responsible Travel Award (2008) Shortlisted Nominee
• Forbes Traveler Top 10 Luxury Eco Resorts (2007)
• Modern Bride Magazine “Honeymoon Hot List: Conscientious Escapes: 10 Do-Good Resorts (2008)
• Bon Appetit Magazine "Good for the Earth, Great for You" (2008)
• E! Television Top 4 Eco Vacation Properties (2008)
• Times Green Spaces Award-Shortlisted (2008)
• Virgin Holidays Responsible Travel Award Highly Commended for Contribution to Poverty Reduction (2008)
• Island's Magazine Responsible Travel Blue List (2009)
• Dominica Hotel & Tourism Association Award...(2007), (2010), (2011)
• Highly Commended for Best accommodation for Local Communities (2010)
• Best Personal Contribution to Responsible Tourism Sam Raphael (2010)
• Trip Advisor Traveler's Choice (2012), (2013), (2014) #2 Best Hotel in Caribbean (2014)

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