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Rainforest ExpeditionsFounded in 1989 by Peruvian biologists Eduardo Nycander and Kurt Holle, Rainforest Expeditions now operates three award-winning ecolodges in the Peruvian Amazon. The lodges use low-impact construction and offer spectacular views of primary forest and local wildlife, including butterflies, Macaws, and many species of monkeys.

Peru - Rainforest ExpeditionsThrough a profit-sharing partnership with the nearby indigenous community, Rainforest Expeditions channels income and skills-training toward local families. In 1995, Rainforest Expeditions came to an agreement with the community to built a new lodge on their territory, called Posada Amazonas (now one of three lodges in operation by Rainforest Expeditions). The lodge infrastructure would belong to the community, and profits would be split 60/40 between the community and the company. In 2017, the whole operation would roll over to community control. Presently, community members form part of the ranks of staff and guides at the lodges, lending their own authentic local knowledge to the process of interpretation for visitors. Such jobs allow them firsthand involvement in a business enterprise designed to sustain their environment as well as their way of life.

Peru - Rainforest ExpeditionsRainforest Expeditions supports a number of philanthropic projects, under one umbrella fund:

The Infierno Community Fund supports the town's school system, building new school infrastructure and expanding academic opportunities for the region's children. A craft collective and cultural revival efforts are also supported through this venture, providing local artisans with tools and training to use their traditional crafts for income generation.

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