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The Femina HIV Aids Awareness Project

Sponsored by: Basecamp Explorer -


Basecamp ExplorersBasecamp Explorer has brought travelers on amazing, responsible and sustainable journeys to Kenya, India, Norway and France for the last ten years.

CrewBasecamp Explorer recognizes the power of ecotourism to provide livelihoods without damaging the environment, and they also understand that livelihoods mean more than just income. Livelihoods mean community, health, education, and opportunities.

In addition, Basecamp Explorer brings tourists into contact with local development efforts, because they understand that tourists from around the world can have a richer, more positive experience on their travels when they can see communities being strengthened through tourism.

Currently, Basecamp Explorer's Kenya location at Masai Mara is supporting a number of local projects tackling some of the most important local issues for nearby communities. These projects include primary school education for Maasai children, a guiding school to train local residents for work as naturalists and tourguides, and a craft project helping to market local handicrafts under a reputable Maasai brand. Visit the links below to learn more, or click a button to donate.

The Femina HIV Aids Awareness Project

“The Maasai now have a new enemy. AIDS is the new Lion.
We have to find a way to live with it and keep it under control. The Moran have to save their manhood as protectors of society. They have to become HIV warriors" (Noted local Maasai Elder)

Basecamp is currently building a new health center in Talek village, near our camp, and we are initiating an awareness program around HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS is rapidly spreading throughout East Africa. It poses an enormous threat to livelihoods and people. Maasailand, at the heart of the region’s wildlife tourism, is now experiencing the early stages of what possibly could become a catastrophic HIV epidemic. HIV- and AIDS-related deaths have now become a sad part of reality also in this region of Africa. We at Basecamp Explorer strongly believe that all organisations and enterprises operating in the region - if they are to be considered responsible at all - must engage in and support local HIV/AIDS and sex-education programs, to protect their workforces and the surrounding communities.

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