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Library of Zuleta - Fundacion Galo Plaza Lasso
Operated by
: Hacienda Zuleta/Zuturismo

What Library of Zuleta - Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation hopes to acheive with funds collected through the Travelers' Philanthropy website per year:

  • Increase the library hours to 30 per week instead of 16 by increasing staff time.
  • zuletaHave 20 students graduated from English level 1 and 2
  • Have 20 students graduated in arts level 1 and 2
  • Hire 2 new teachers.
  • Provide 20 students with assisted paid student lunch (students would provide a small fee to have lunch- the venue needs to be created)
  • Complete the census of teachers and begin the training for teachers

Amount of funds necessary to acheive these goals: $8,000 per year.

The Library of Zuleta began in 2000, it now has two professional teachers available during week days and this year has been able to provide 3 teenagers as assistants. In total the Library of Zuleta is able reach around 350 people in the five surrounding communities, the monthly visits to the Library range from 300 to 500 including all age groups.

The Library of Zuleta needs to be able to reach students who live far away, and needs to be staffed for more hours. Ideally the Library will offer weekly English classes and other workshops, while keeping a professional teachers for the daily support in homework. It needs more staff as well as training and supervision to be able to deal with the new requirements and to increase the quality of work.

As a new element, the Library of Zuleta wants to offer a lunch menu in the from the community restaurant for students, and enable them to come to muralextracurricular activities in the afternoon. Many of these students walk 1-2 hours, so they choose not to eat instead of walking home for lunch. Through cooperation with the secondary school and a small fee paid by students, the project will be self sufficient once we have 40 regular clients. Students pay just the cost of the food, and would not exceed 50 cent per meal.

The Library of Zuleta is a project of Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation was formed in 1995 to continue the legacy left behind by the beloved late ex-president.  The foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that sponsors projects which benefit the community of Zuleta and communities in photothe surrounding areas of the Imbabura Province. Managed by Hacienda Zuleta´s administration, the Foundation works to bring to fruition the empowerment and education of the local, mainly indigenous, population and came to be famous through the Embroidery Project and as founder of Condor Huasi.


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