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Caranqui Archeological Site -
Fundacion Galo Plaza Lasso
Operated by
: Hacienda Zuleta/Zuturismo


zuletaWhat Caranqui Archeological Site - Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation hopes to acheive with funds collected through the Travelers' Philanthropy website:

  • Start protecting the archeological site
  • Start construction of a small museum as an informational campaign for locals and visitorsencouraging protection
  • Start development of educational materials
  • Begin an information campaign for locals in schools and community meetings follows 
  • Next year we want to build a small house for arqueologists and an on site museum

Expected amount of time to complete these goals: 2 years
Amount of money necessary to acheive these goals: $15,000

pyramidZuleta is considered the largest site of ancient Caranqui mounds in Ecuador. The 148 mounds and 12 piramids date back to 700AD, are one of the 12 remaining sites and the one with most potential for important discoveries. In 2005 the archeologist Dr. Stephen Athens started to map the site and came back this year for GpR (Ground penetrating Radar) investigation. The current discoveries include an intact burial and several house floors and the investigation is ongoing. In order to promote this important investigation we need to provide room and board for the archeologist, distribute profound information about the process and discoveries among locals and – most important – protect the site.             photo

The Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation was formed in 1995 to continue the legacy left behind by the beloved late ex-president.  The foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that sponsors projects which benefit the community of Zuleta and communities in the surrounding areas of the Imbabura Province. Managed by Hacienda Zuleta´s administration, the Foundation works to bring to fruition the empowerment and education of the local, mainly indigenous, population and came to be famous through the Embroidery Project and as founder of Condor Huasi.


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