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Thabaneng Primary School

Sponsored by: The Friends of Thabaneng School


Soweto, South Africa

Become a member of the Friends of the Thabaneng School
and support this wonderful oasis of hope in the heart of
the largest urban slum in Southern Africa – Soweto. The
school is located at 8885 Hennessey Street, Orlando
West, Soweto, Gauteng. The school is comprised of grades
K-5 and serves over 400 students. It is a public
elementary school.

Playground Project

The Friends of the Thabaneng School has been created to honor the late Irene (Honey) Honey, and
her love and support for the Thabaneng Primary School located in Soweto, South Africa.
Honey Honey, who tragically died in November of 2010, had -- together with her husband
Tim -- adopted this school as a lifelong project in which she would continue to provide support
and funding for the needs identified by the principal, teachers, and the larger community of learners
and their families.

Well over a decade of support by the Honeys, and their family and friends, has funded many projects including:

  • Toilets and showers for the students
  • Play ground space and equipment for the youngest students
  • Play ground apparatus for the older students
  • Library refurbishment and a multitude of books
  • Community art that is an integral part of the school
  • Outside assembly area for students and teachers to come together for special events and programs.
  • Computer training and support
  • A new and much needed educational office block for the teachers and the principal

Honey Honey was a model global citizen. She loved Africa,
and especially the children whose lives were surrounded
by poverty, but whose souls were filled with hope
and aspiration. She knew the importance of reaching out
to young people and their teachers, and providing support
on an ongoing sustainable basis.

The Friends of the Thabaneng School has been created to provide an opportunity for continued support to the school as a way to honor Honey and her dedication to the school. Each year a project is selected by the
school, and the Friends of the Thabaneng School are asked to support it. Following Honey Honey's death, over 150 family members, friends and colleagues gave money to support a project selected by the school. The
project was completed in 2012 and consisted of a new office block for the teachers and the principles. The dedication of the block occurred in October of 2012.

In 2013 the project selected allowed the principal of the school, Mrs. Adah Dikole, an opportunity to participate in a two week educational study tour to the states and to be hosted by the Honey family. She visited Washington, New York and Portland Maine, and learned about the educational best practices that drive public education in the United States. She had an opportunity to visit public schools that are serving African immigrants, and are committed to making public education in the states the entry point into our society.

The Thabaneng Primary School is in the process of selecting a project for 2015.  Once selected it will be posted on this website.

Primary School Assembly

Teachers at Thabaneng Primary School

Vision and Mission Statement of Thabaneng School

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