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Ogra Foundation
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: Le Savanna Lodge in Kisumu, Kenya -


ogra foundation logoThe goal of OGRA Foundation is to promote and improve health by combating HIV and AIDS, TB, Malaria and other preventable infections and diseases, by pursuing an integrated socio-economic and cultural development in the fight against poverty and social exclusion of the communities living in the project areas surrounding Kisumu, Kenya. The Ogra Foundation Projects include:

  • International School of Medicine and Applied Technology (ISMAT), a tertiary
  • com
  • college

  • Oasis of Hope, a high school supporting Orphans  and Vulnerable Children (OVCs)

  • The School Feeding Programme for Kiliti Primary school, Ombeyi

Acheivements of the Ogra Foundation and the projects since its creation in 1998:

  • Over 3000 people living with HIV/AIDS on treatment and Care
  • Over 1000 orphans receiving education, health and feeding through feeding programs, including over 100 rehabilitated sex workers
  • Tree planting and education of locals to conserve river banks and water catchment areas especially along lake Victoria.   

Le Savanna Country Lodge and Hotel is the social enterprise project of the OGRA Foundation, whose prime objective is to generate funds to meet the core costs of the organisation.


OGRA Foundation thought of this sustainability project that would fill this gap while also contributing to the running of financially intensive projects like the feeding centre and orphan support. The hotel went into operation in early January 2009 and is picking up well already hosting guests, seminars, conferences and patrons dropping in for our continental menu.

Message from the Executive Director, Dr. Hezron McObewa:

"This year our major fund raising initiative is to help build a final home for International School of Medicine and Applied Technology that will also introduce Hospitality and Ecotourism as a response to the opening up of the Western circuit tourism in Kisumu andpeer also the ever rising demand for the industry. In addition the college that currently offers diplomas to poor and needy orphans especially girls is committed to training nurses and clinical officers to work in rural and remote places through sponsorship and scholarship schemes. So far the college now has 100 orphans mostly girls rehabilitated from the streets and from being sex workers. To this effect we are appealing for funders to help us raise $USD100,000.00 to enable us construct the girls dormitory/hostel and also sponsor an additional 30 girls to enable Ogra Foundation achieve its objectives. We hope this can be raised through Travellers philanthropy visits to Ogra Foundation projects across the region as well as volunteers and well-wishers.
.Once again we continue to live the dream of giving hope and saving lives"

Projects Ogra Foundation hopes to acheive in one year:orphan

  • Setting up of  3 maternal waiting homes at local clinics to enable women to deliver safely in the villages.
  • Setting up of  three new orphan feeding centres and kitchen gardens in three villages within the region.
  • Continuing to educate and train locals through seminars and workshops on conservation of river banks of Nyando Rivers and Oroba where sand harvesting and deforestation is affecting the local fauna and flora
  • Construct a girls dormitory and sponsor an additional 30 girls to attend the International School of Medicine and applied technology

Funds necessary to acheive these projects in one year: $130,000


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