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Travelers' Philanthropy is a project of the Center for Responsible Travel (formerly CESD).

The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) launched in 2003 as the Center on Ecotourism and Sustainable Development (CESD) and is based in Washington, DC. CREST functions as a research and consulting institute, offering innovative programs, conferences, publications, courses, and field research opportunities. We are actively engaged in forging and maintaining partnerships with organizations such as Rainforest Alliance, as well as NGOs and ecotour operators in destination countries, and local and indigenous communities. Recognizing ecotourism's potential as a tool for poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation, CREST is a leader in using policy-oriented research to design, monitor, evaluate, and improve ecotourism, as well as to promote sustainable practices and principles within the wider tourism industry.

Through our research efforts, we continue to take an active role in providing tour operators and local governments with information on sustainable tourism. Similarly, our conferences have showcased industry research, as well as providing a unique forum for indigenous community leaders to network and provide their input on ecotourism and sustainable development projects in their regions. CREST's newest projects involve working with tourism consumers and socially/environmentally responsible corporations to channel investment dollars and donations toward small-scale ecotourism operators and sustainable development projects around the world.

To learn more about CREST, its staff, projects and partners, please visit our main website at http://www.responsibletravel.org


Travelers' Philanthropy is a program
of the Center for Responsible Travel.
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